Welcome to the Cobb County Blackboard Connect Parent & Staff Portal!


Customize how you receive messages from your child’s school and the school district. Set preferences for email, phone calls, and text messages.


To create your account you must have your child’s student ID or lunch number. It must be a 7-digit format. You will be required to supply one other piece of information that the school has on file for you such as phone number or email address. (If you are an employee you will need your employee ID number).


Changes to contact information in this portal website WILL NOT update information at your child’s school. This portal is designed to allow flexibility in how and where you receive messages from our schools and district offices.  Please contact your school secretary to ensure that the school has accurate contact information in case of emergency.


Sign up now and customize your notification methods and messages!

You can access your portal account from your Smartphone. Download the app at iOS or Android.